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      In our shop you can find woolen sweaters, dresses, blouses, woodcarvings, religious statues and objects, books, CD’s, handmade paper, incense, bags, jewelry and furniture. Our efforts are also directed towards the economic upliftment of the Nepalese and Tibetan people by exposing their hand made products in the International market and giving them their appropriate returns.

      Statue and Idols
      Generally available in copper, bronze, and silver Nepalese statuary dates back to 13th Century casting method prepared by the metal artisans of today. These idols symbolize the God and Goddess of Hinduism and Buddhism.

      Statue and idols can be found in woods and stones. They add the décor of drawing rooms and showcases. Besides this, it could be an exotic souvenir from the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

      Silver Jewellry
      Our jewelry is of a fine and rich quality and covers many varieties of mainly Nepalese style but also Indian. Palbu has silver colliers, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with semi precious stones like amethyst, tiger-eye, moonstone, lapis lazuli and turquoise etc. We also have traditional Tibetan jewelry with coral, turquoise and amber most favored by the nomads living in the east of Tibet.

      Pashmina Shawls
      Pashmina, from the Persian word for wool, is popularly known in the west as cashmere wool, from the old spelling for Kashmir. The fine wool comes from the undercoat of the Himalayan mountain goat, which lives in the most remote regions of the Tibetan Plateau. For over a thousand years cashmere has been woven into shawls and blankets, prized by royalty and common people alike for its otherworldly softness, warmth, and long life. For many centuries Kashmir was the only place the fiber could be woven into shawls, according to treaties that gave the Maharaja of Kashmir exclusive rights to Tibet’s pashmina supply. Today most of the world’s pashmina shawls are woven on handlooms in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. And most are woven on a warp of spun silk for increased suppleness and strength. In recent years this silk and cashmere blend has become the darling of the western fashion world.

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      These ritual painted canvas arts are made using grinded stone pigments and powdered silver and gold to create vivid colors.For those who have a great taste in Buddhism, thangka certainly is a perfect memento

      To take home and rejoice on the perfect choice made with elegance and delight.

      Lokta Paper Products
      Lokta paper is made from the barks of lokta tree found in rural areas. These paper are very popular because of its softness and durability. Product made from these papers are of fine quality and have long life as well.

      Calendars, notebooks, Greeting cards, Lampshades etc. are some of the major items made from Lokta popular. It is also popular as artists used them as canvas for painting and as wallpapers by interior designers.

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      Music CDs DVDs and Dharma Books
      Palbu also brings you a selection of both relevant books on the Himalayan countries and some of the traditional music of its people. LITERATURE IN DHARMA AND CHANTS AND MANTRAS IN CDS AND DVDS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE.

      Ritual Items
      These are the sacred items mostly used in religious and cultural ceremonies. Even though very hard to make and requiring a lot of skill, we offer our ritual objects for a reasonable price and are always willing to give you the right explanation of its iconography.

      Tibetan prayer flags, butter lamps, drums, rosaries and much more.
      Manufactured by the Nepalese people, these items are usually made of metals with an exquisite blend of art.
      Trumpets, incense holders, incense burners, bell & dorje, thingshya singing bowl and conchshells are available in enigmatic designs and forms.

      Wooden Crafts
      Locally Known as ‘Kashtha Kala’ these authentic Nepalese wood work have evoked wonder, praise and veneration from many ages.

      Crafted with intense devotion and careful hands, the woods are shaped into the desired imagination.
      Idols, window frames, masks, photo frames and various decorative items are available.

      Woolen Goods
      Made of High Quality Tibetan and Newzealand woolen yarn, these woolen products have look and feel of yesterday but are made for today’s modern style and comfort.

      Handknitted woolen items such as, Jackets, sweaters, hats, shawls, mufflers, socks and gloves are exclusively available in different sizes and colors for casual wear.

      Cotton Goods
      These goods are prepared by strong fabric of 100% pure cotton. These goods are durable, trendy and fashionable. That render you complete satisfaction for everyday use.

      Cotton hats, T-shirts, Shirts, blouses ,dresses , trouser, jackets, bags, purse, shoes, and bed sheets and much more…
      Our clothes are very endurable and made only of natural materials. Our assortment covers stylish woolen sweaters made of Tibetan wool, hats, shawls and gloves and also cotton printed Nepali blouses, dresses, trousers and jackets. We also have a very special collection of silk shawls and hats and traditional Tibetan dresses and jackets.